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I'm trying to get to Perth from LHR. I would like to travel in Business using avios, however when I try to book with cash and use avios to pay i do not see this option Is this because I am in the USA? It also seems there is a glitch, a one...

5 days, 2 hrs ago

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I just got an email (which sounded like DL decided to tell DMs first) from DL saying that, effective June 20, 2017, you can pay many fees with your miles: Upgrades (not new for at the time of ticketing, at least for those with DL AmEx cards who...

1 hr, 45 mins ago

I'm trying do do online check in for PEK-HRB flight on CZ unfortunately after providing ticket no and surname/name I only got QR code to be used with WeChat. Is there any way to checkin online in more 'traditional way' without WeChat app? Thanks for...

1 hr, 54 mins ago

Award tickets now have 24-hour cancellation privileges, as long booked at least 2 days in advance.

2 hrs, 25 mins ago

The title of this thread was inspired by my recent forlorn wander through GF in T3 looking for one of those rotating brush shoe shine machines that you sometimes see in hotels. I had somehow manage to acquired some unsightly splotches and looking at...

2 hrs, 41 mins ago

Hi Has anyone had a claim refund from ba due to the their flight being cancelled on may 27. What did you claim and how much did you receive? Thank you

2 hrs, 42 mins ago

Quick question. I believe the answer is yes but just want to verify. Wife award ticket phx-iah-mci. Then revenue ticket mci-ewr. Just confirming United will check bag all the way through to EWR? I know AA does but not a FF United flyer. Thx

2 hrs, 56 mins ago

New at admiral club phx Swiss made coffee machine by Franke. Grinds beans mixes coca etc. not your normal club machine but more advanced

3 hrs, 3 mins ago

I have been fortunate with all my reservations on Air France that I have not had to call the Club 2000 line (premium line - apologies for the title of the thread) and I am shocked when calling the premium line right now - live - I have been on hold...

3 hrs, 8 mins ago

So I'm currently BA Silver, have been for last few years. But for one reason or another I'm considering moving to another OneWorld program. I have flights in J booked DUB-LHR-LAS & DUB-LHR-JFK returns with BA & AA for this year which would renew my...

3 hrs, 10 mins ago

Hi, I was wondering in anyone could advise on the following situation. I experienced a hellish 70 hour delay in April with Delta. During this time we were booked onto several different flights(that were cancelled due to no crew), after each...

3 hrs, 27 mins ago