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I'm a loyal customer who always defends UA and is usually perplexed by the many bad reviews I read about United because I rarely, if ever, have a bad UA experience. However, my most recent trip to Cuba on a paid First Class ticket gave me a taste of...

1 year, 2 months ago

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I will be traveling that region of the world later this year and will have about 70,000 AA miles at that point. I'm flying to Australia, then New Zealand, then doing Southeast Asia which is not planned out yet. I'll be very flexible at that point. ...

20 hrs, 48 mins ago

Next March, we're flying on an all UA itin connecting through IAD and NRT to GUM (actually on to Palau but we are spending the night in GUM so we have more than a 12+ hour layover therefore not too concerned about that). We had a 1h36 min connection...

20 hrs, 52 mins ago

I booked DFW-YYZ-CDG for our anniversary on UA flying AC Y on outbound. We're currently in standard seats, but I noticed that we could upgrade to preferred seats/exit row for $105pp on 777. Wanted to get insight on what AC folks thought and if it...

20 hrs, 53 mins ago

Hi, I searched all around and couldn?t find an definite answer- I know we can use AS miles to book round trip on KE, for example YYZ- ICN - YYZ or YYZ -ICN - NRT- ICN - YYZ, assuming I can find availbility. What about open jaw? For example YYZ -...

21 hrs, 6 mins ago

Having an unexpected night by the airport and leave fairly early in AM. I have clear and Precheck and want to use Clear if makes sense. Clears site says E concourse but I?m expecting to go out of D. Do they share security? If not would it make...

21 hrs, 11 mins ago

Just flew home from YVR to Seattle and while its a 20 minute flight there was a 25 minute delay while we sat on the runway. While I normally fly Horizon on this route they normally manage a drink cart even though a short flight. Flying First we...

21 hrs, 13 mins ago

When things go wrong, I like to think that BA will make things right. They left me in a lurch last December, and I will honestly say that in 30 years of flying it was the only time I felt I had been left in an unsafe situation that could have been...

21 hrs, 25 mins ago

Hello! Since I did never took Amtrak, I was thinking to change this with a trip from Washington probably down to Miami, during the summer months. I see they have the "Viewliner Bedroom" or the "Roomette". If I take the train it will be one of this...

21 hrs, 27 mins ago

Are saver awards more easily available on Hawaiian Airlines international routes in business class than say AA, AS, UA, etc? We would like to go to New Zealand next September and business class awards on AA and UA are practically never available....

21 hrs, 34 mins ago

I'm arriving at AUH from JNB at 6am and not taking off for ORD until 3am the next day. I'm looking forward to spending the day in Abu Dhabi, but wondering what to do with my checked baggage. Will it be checked all the way through to ORD? I would...

21 hrs, 36 mins ago