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I'm a loyal customer who always defends UA and is usually perplexed by the many bad reviews I read about United because I rarely, if ever, have a bad UA experience. However, my most recent trip to Cuba on a paid First Class ticket gave me a taste of...

4 months ago

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This is the New hotel in Toronto Core area and it is St.Regis Brand CAT 6 which is the highest in Canada. Anyone can share some info?

17 hrs, 21 mins ago

Long time ago there was an offer to receive 250 avios if you sign up for AerClub. I did sign up and didn't receive anything (I have an account, said I had and it was used for AerClub). Recently I received an email, saying "We’d like to...

17 hrs, 22 mins ago

Hi, I am planning a trip to Bhutan in November 2017. I have reviewed some existing threads / trip reports, however I have only seen 1 mention of a tour operator: Bhutangayul ( Does anyone have any recommendation? ...

17 hrs, 56 mins ago

Anyone else unable to get to ? Access Denied You don't have permission to access "" on this server. Reference #18.1aee4d17.1503272169.dc379c1

18 hrs, 9 mins ago

80k saver one-way J h/t DCTA edit: mods please remove, duplicate

18 hrs, 20 mins ago

Delta's advertising a D1 sale on their site; the best fare is a JFK-KEF biz fare that comes out to $1701 RT. Saturday night minimum, three-month max, 60-day advance purchase. DL flies 757s on this short route with flat-beds in a 2-2 alignment. There...

18 hrs, 46 mins ago

Does anyone have info on the reason that LH 438 (FRA-DFW) was so delayed today? I saw something on Twitter saying that LH 438 had declared an emergency and returned to FRA but it did not specify the reason. I am on LH 439 (DFW-FRA) which is now...

18 hrs, 48 mins ago

I've been meaning to post this for a long time, as I've searched for something similar when I began my travel journey and couldn't find anything comprehensive. Full disclosure: I've been Delta Diamond for a number of years and just recently...

19 hrs, 16 mins ago

Attachment 38271 ( Hi FT, Has anyone run into this before, particularly for those on multiple-entry Saudi visas? TIA, BmB

19 hrs, 21 mins ago

I have never stayed in an Executive Apartment, but stayed many nights at hotels in Bangkok, mostly Starwood's suites, over the last 15 years and I was wondering the pros and cons of those properties versus the regular hotels. There seems to be 5...

19 hrs, 26 mins ago