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Our family of 5 were scheduled to fly Open Skies / BA8006 on 17 March JFK-ORY at 19:30 with an ETA of 9am (which is effectively 8am due to Europe resetting the clock for daylight savings 10 days after the US). The plane went mechanical two hours...

6 days, 17 hrs ago

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I would appreciate anyone's insights about what I am worried/concerned about. In January I booked an itinerary using Avios Points and a companion voucher. I booked my outbound as soon as available and had to wait until the return was available...

17 hrs, 32 mins ago

I'm interested in using Pay with Miles for a Europe itinerary - I've used it before, a few years ago. Now I'm not seeing any of my flights showing that it's eligible. In the fine print it looks like codeshare flights are not eligible - but if the...

17 hrs, 40 mins ago

If anyone else is on tomorrow night's BA176 back from New York, the equipment has been changed to a 744 and the auto seatung reassignment seems to have done its usual shoddy job :( So you may wish to fire up Skype and brave the Indian call...

17 hrs, 41 mins ago

HI all, I am on an Aeroplan RTW trip for our honeymoon, arriving from DAR into SIN on ET. My DAR-SIN flight lands at 14:50 on September 17, 2017. My ultimate destination is DPS, but my award RTW trip maxed out on miles with SIN as my...

17 hrs, 59 mins ago

I am planning a trip to Europe in early September. I would like to add a stop in Munich Sept 10-13th which is just prior to Oktoberfest. What will the city be like immediately prior to the event? I hear that Marienplatz may be inaccessible?...

18 hrs, 10 mins ago

I'm 50K on Air Canada and just moved to Chicago. United won't allow me to do a status challenge because of both airline's affiliation with Star Alliance. How do I transfer my Air Canada status to United?

18 hrs, 11 mins ago

I am spending two weeks in the Balkans in June. I would like to use public transportation for my trip from Sofia to Split. A first draft of my itinerary would be: Sofia Skopje Pristina Prizren Tirana Kotor

18 hrs, 16 mins ago

I currently have Air Canada 50K status and just moved to Chicago. While Star Alliance recognizes me as gold status for United flights, I cannot get seat selection or upgrades. United status challenges do not include Star Alliance affiliates. How do...

18 hrs, 17 mins ago

Disclaimer: While this is *not* speculation, I do not have all the details of how this will work, and parts of this could be incorrect. Starting this summer, AC is going to sell Premium Economy within North America. Obviously, this will only be...

18 hrs, 22 mins ago

It is now possible to earn miles on in-store purchases at Waitrose. From the Virgin Shop website: ?You might not earn Flying Club miles if the same payment card is registered with another ?card-linked offer? programme. To avoid this, ensure...

18 hrs, 36 mins ago