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Hi, The wifey and I are planning on taking the train from Vienna to Prague in mid-April. Do you guys suggest buying our tickets now or wait until we get to Europe? If possible, I'm trying to avoid the ~$20 Rail Europe's website is looking to...

5 months ago

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This is the New hotel in Toronto Core area and it is St.Regis Brand CAT 6 which is the highest in Canada. Anyone can share some info?

17 hrs, 8 mins ago

Long time ago there was an offer to receive 250 avios if you sign up for AerClub. I did sign up and didn't receive anything (I have an account, said I had and it was used for AerClub). Recently I received an email, saying "We’d like to...

17 hrs, 9 mins ago

Hi, I am planning a trip to Bhutan in November 2017. I have reviewed some existing threads / trip reports, however I have only seen 1 mention of a tour operator: Bhutangayul ( Does anyone have any recommendation? ...

17 hrs, 44 mins ago

Anyone else unable to get to ? Access Denied You don't have permission to access "" on this server. Reference #18.1aee4d17.1503272169.dc379c1

17 hrs, 56 mins ago

80k saver one-way J h/t DCTA edit: mods please remove, duplicate

18 hrs, 7 mins ago

Delta's advertising a D1 sale on their site; the best fare is a JFK-KEF biz fare that comes out to $1701 RT. Saturday night minimum, three-month max, 60-day advance purchase. DL flies 757s on this short route with flat-beds in a 2-2 alignment. There...

18 hrs, 33 mins ago

Does anyone have info on the reason that LH 438 (FRA-DFW) was so delayed today? I saw something on Twitter saying that LH 438 had declared an emergency and returned to FRA but it did not specify the reason. I am on LH 439 (DFW-FRA) which is now...

18 hrs, 35 mins ago

I've been meaning to post this for a long time, as I've searched for something similar when I began my travel journey and couldn't find anything comprehensive. Full disclosure: I've been Delta Diamond for a number of years and just recently...

19 hrs, 3 mins ago

Attachment 38271 ( Hi FT, Has anyone run into this before, particularly for those on multiple-entry Saudi visas? TIA, BmB

19 hrs, 9 mins ago

I have never stayed in an Executive Apartment, but stayed many nights at hotels in Bangkok, mostly Starwood's suites, over the last 15 years and I was wondering the pros and cons of those properties versus the regular hotels. There seems to be 5...

19 hrs, 13 mins ago