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I know that this has probably been discussed time and time again but I can?t find the right past references... I?ll try to make this simple... I book, on JAL, a four leg RT from the US to SE Asia. It has four JL flight numbers and books into JL...

2 months, 4 weeks ago

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Purchased a Buy One Get One reservation last month. Note: NO changes to reservation. Reservation showed as 'First Class Waitlisted' for me and my lovely spouse within the usual window. (75K and MVPG.) Received the check-in online email 24 hours...

19 hrs, 36 mins ago

Regional tourism recovery package to get visitors flowing again  Mirage News

19 hrs, 59 mins ago

A British woman was dragged from a pool by police in a Tenerife hotel for violating quarantine because they wouldn’t give her an upgrade to a suite. ...

21 hrs, 17 mins ago

Holidaymaker had symptoms in Tenerife and managed to travel to Manchester. I am not sure how to find out which airline it was but would it have been the responsibility of the airline or the airport to do pre-departure health checks? ...

21 hrs, 28 mins ago

Hello! Planning my first trip to Hawaii. We're booked in Maui, in Wailea, in December. Quick question: Is there any reason to rent a FWD vehicle? Obviously I understand that this depends on what we plan to do, but I don't have that all worked...

21 hrs, 58 mins ago

UA said the EWR-JNB nonstop would start in spring 2021. But when is it going to be added to the schedule so it can be booked?

22 hrs, 2 mins ago

Weekly Review: September 26, 2020  One Mile at a Time

22 hrs, 5 mins ago

In the past, the text of posts (including quick reply at the bottom of the thread as well as multiquote, advanced, etc.) would be saved automatically at intervals as one is typing. Recently this has been rarely working and might have disappeared...

22 hrs, 13 mins ago

So my issues with Hertz started happening at the beginning of the year. The app and website have been complete garbage, hit or miss every time. I rent an full size SUV weekly for work so I dont actually pay anything but I redeem lots of points. ...

22 hrs, 23 mins ago

Good news, hopefully they will also add FLL at some point.

22 hrs, 41 mins ago