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As of 29th March 2020, the Clubhouse at Heathrow will close for 4 weeks, maybe longer depending if flights pickup and the situation of Covid19.

2 days, 2 hrs ago

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Feed First time seeing one of these at an National

2 hrs, 11 mins ago

I can?t see dispute option in my business account while I can see it in my personal accounts when I log in using personal login. Am I missing something? Seems the only way to file a dispute is via contacting chase?

2 hrs, 15 mins ago

Is there any way that you can code FT (or is there some user option I don't know of) so: (1) If someone on my Ignore List posts, I don't have a block telling me that I can't see the post cause the poster is on my Ignore List? I don't want to...

2 hrs, 54 mins ago

Hello! I've never flown El Al before, but I have a reservation for a TLV to MXP flight for July I want to cancel. It is a "Flex (U)" fare, so the cancellation fee is evidently only $50pp. But, when I use the locator and our name to pull up the...

2 hrs, 58 mins ago

With the new booking condition, any idea how many times we can change a non refundable / changeable domestic "light" ticket for free ? I'm not sure of my new date yet and may need ot change it more than once Thank you very much

4 hrs, 42 mins ago

So here we are, having cancelled all leisure trips this year and booking another one for 2021. We need 3 tickets in economy for: YYZ-SFO (stop for 3 days), SFO-OGG (open jaw for 2 weeks), then HNL-YYZ. I do not know if we can do 1 stop plus 1...

4 hrs, 43 mins ago

Qatar Airways states under its COVID-19 Refunds section 'If your flight has been cancelled/disrupted: all applicable penalties shall be waived if cancellations are performed before departure.' so I read this as meaning if my flights are disrupted I...

5 hrs, 6 mins ago

Hilton Extends Honors Loyalty Program Elite Status For One Full Year  Forbes

5 hrs, 29 mins ago

I feel we need to be recording some of the most ridiculous mileage run opportunities that are popping up during covid-19. Armchair mileage running? I also want to be really, really clear that no one should do this. So here you go:...

5 hrs, 42 mins ago

FORT WORTH, Texas — American Airlines Group Inc. (NASDAQ: AAL) will operate seven special flights beginning Thursday, March 26, between Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and four Latin American cities to bring customers home in light of government travel...

5 hrs, 49 mins ago