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I've noticed this on two bookings already, where my email receipt gives me a slightly higher PQP, but on the web, the number is usually lower. What's up with that?

1 week, 3 days ago

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With all the new Long Haul routes I often wonder why BA haven?t tried the Cuba market again. Virgin have moved their Havana route from LGW to LHR and have already increased it to 3x weekly. TUI also serve Varadero from Manchester. Previously,...

14 hrs, 19 mins ago

Sorry if this has been discussed anywhere, I didn't see a thread. Last week when booking transatlantic flights I noticed some very strange pricing on Premium Economy. For some flights, when booking a single traveler, Premium Economy was a...

14 hrs, 40 mins ago

Hi all, need some help. Currently booked FCO-EWR-PIT in J (I class award) one way flight next week. My wife does not want to go to FCO for fear of bringing Coronavirus home to the small kids with the latest in Italy. I understand VCE and MXP...

14 hrs, 43 mins ago

We recently flew form St Croix -Miami-London in Business on AA then First on BA on a BA ticket At check in St Criox the CIA refused to tag our bags with Priority as there were no comments in the system. Despite her seeing we were in both...

15 hrs, 5 mins ago

Marriott hired the CIO from Merck CIO, I'm ever hopeful this is hopefully the start of fixing some of the simplest things that seem not to be fixed, well at least I can hope, LOL Sorry if this is old news, but I'm excited at least for a brief...

15 hrs, 6 mins ago

I'll be in Japan for 8 days (4 in Tokyo, 4 in Kyoto/Osaka). Are there any gyms that I can pay to use on a per-day basis? I would probably like to visit a gym in each city twice. I'm not looking for a "fitness club" type thing with a bunch of...

15 hrs, 26 mins ago

Long time lurker & rare poster but figured some may have input on the matter... I'm about to take a job in SF and will be going between NYC/SF monthly so interested for anyone with some experience on regular travel between these two cities. My...

15 hrs, 28 mins ago

How the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless is saving me $500 on hotel stays - Business Insider  Business Insider

15 hrs, 39 mins ago

I had two drivers today who texted ? thanked you for your tip? Both times it was right after trip ended and before the credit card processed the tip. I had input a tip amount along with a rating before I got out of the car. ...

15 hrs, 46 mins ago

We're flying out of Newark which I haven't done in a decade or more, and looking for Frequent Flyer guidance around lounge access in Terminal B. I'm flying in with my wife leveraging Aeroplan points for a business class flight to San Salvador, and...

16 hrs, 2 mins ago