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2020 is a year for red carpets, evening dresses and champagne – at least in Oslo. As several projects long in the making are finally getting ready to open their doors to the public, you can hardly pick a more exciting time to visit Norway’s capital. The post 5 new reasons to visit Oslo in 2020 appeared first on Travel Daily.

1 week, 5 days ago

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Wex has entered into an agreement to purchase eNett, a provider of business-to-business payments solutions to the travel industry. In a separate deal, the financial technology service provider signed to acquire Optal, a company that specialises in optimising business-to-business transactions.

1 hr, 9 mins ago

Argentina-based Despegar will acquire Mexico's Best Day Travel Group.

1 hr, 30 mins ago

Tourism from China was already weakening before the outbreak.

1 hr, 37 mins ago

Trump confirmed last week he plans to dramatically expand the travel ban to include more countries.

1 hr, 47 mins ago

Trump's defence team will continue their arguments on Monday following three days of presentations by House Democrats.

1 hr, 48 mins ago

A growing number of governors in the Northeast are raising doubts about a regional pact that would tackle transportation emissions

2 hrs, 8 mins ago

U.S. stocks fell sharply Monday as investors worry about the potential economic impact of the outbreak of a new virus from China

2 hrs, 45 mins ago

One of the most anticipated parties on Brazil’s calendar, Carnival has, over the centuries, become an integral part of national culture. However, it is neither a Brazilian invention nor is it celebrated in Brazil only. In fact, Carnival dates back to Ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome. In Brazil,…

2 hrs, 48 mins ago

The US president is expected to release the details of a long-delayed plan for Israel and Palestine within days.

2 hrs, 54 mins ago

Whatever the Bahrain workshop proposes is doomed to failure. Here is why.

3 hrs, 2 mins ago