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I'm not sure if this is in the right place? My case was opened by the TSA (built in lock), the case was zipped up but the latches weren't engaged and the case wasn't relocked. Now the case opens on any combination and won't reset. The reset...

1 week, 2 days ago

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Okay stupid question time. I searched for similar questions but the only one I found was in regards to a NEXUS renewal and was never replied to. I was filling out my GE renewal application and one of the things it asked me to review was my...

13 hrs, 7 mins ago

ok so close to 4 years on Southwest and I try AA 2501 on Friday. As usual a non rev has boarded early and taken bin space. Now a paying customer has to put bags 10 rows back ? And of course the non rev has seat 26K ie isle with no seats in front...

13 hrs, 19 mins ago

Pretty off-topic, but I don't know where to post this otherwise. I'm looking for a career change (currently a software engineer, embedded software). Just curious what others here do, trying to grab ideas that might fit in better with the lifestyle.

13 hrs, 21 mins ago

TPG reader hall of fame: $50,000 flights around the world for 320,000 miles  The Points Guy

13 hrs, 22 mins ago

I asked a question in the Asia forum about transit at TPE and it seems that part of the challenge may be better answered here... So, any thoughts as whether I am likely to have any problems printing my boarding pass at home (well, in a hotel) for...

13 hrs, 44 mins ago

Evening, chaps! Quick question: booking a trip to the US for April. Haven?t decided on J or F yet, but both are approx £300 cheaper via Skyscanner than on I am a gold exec club member. I am confused about the best price guarantee...

14 hrs, 6 mins ago

Hi there, I just posted in the AS forum about not being able to find BA flights that are showing as available to book with Avios but not with AS miles. In the past, availability was pretty straightforward, as in, if you find on BA you will find...

14 hrs, 18 mins ago

I am planning to spend 5 nights in Miami South Beach end of Feb. I will be with my 1yo. Anyone has any recommendations for hotel between Cadillac, Blue, Royal Palm, Stanton, Winter Haven? They are all 220k points, I have Ambassador Elite status. ...

14 hrs, 22 mins ago

Hi FT'ers Anyone here have recent direct comparisons of club lounge experience at RC west end DC vs the new Conrad DC hotel "Sakura" club level? Both seem amazing. Side question, any thoughts on Mandarin Oriental Club level? Thanks for all...

14 hrs, 42 mins ago

Hi there, So I just did a RT ZRH-BOS-ZRH in Business class over the holidays. As an infrequent LX flyer I have to say I was incredibly underwhelmed (read= disappointed) in both directions. I am really questioning myself as to how I used to...

14 hrs, 49 mins ago