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Hi! I know this will be an odd question, but.... I am considering booking an award flight from Djibouti to Mogadishu to Addis Ababa. First flight with Turkish, second one with Ethiopian. There would be an 8 hour daytime connection in...

5 months, 2 weeks ago

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Forgive me if it?s somewhere else but I?ve looked and can?t find: what should we expect as part of a full J class mainline not rouge between Toronto and Halifax for meals nuts only a 2-2.5hr flight but my wife has diabetes and missing meals are an...

1 hr, 21 mins ago

I picked up a compact car from Avis for the weekend and have just checked the tires - all five are different brands (including the spare!). The car has done 13000 miles. Is this normal? Shouldn't they replace the tires as a set and of the same brand?

1 hr, 28 mins ago

I have both a Barclays (since about 2005 w/USAirways) as well as a Citi PlatinumSelect. I think I have one too many and would appreciate some advice as to which card offers better benefits. I think the annual fee is about the same. The...

1 hr, 38 mins ago

My wife is ticketed DCA-FLL-PLS for a coming girls trip, and she has TSA Precheck. Having never flown WN internationally, I was curious how it differs from domestic. Will she have to check in at a counter to produce her passport before (or after)...

2 hrs, 1 min ago

Travel Talk: Air Italy, Australia Extending Visas, Top Frequent Flier Programs  Forbes

2 hrs, 3 mins ago

So I bought an inflight meal on my MSP-SEA leg yesterday and asked for a receipt. I saw it in my inbox, and when I went to download the attachment today, it turned out to be what you see below. I'm not all that stressed about the $8.99 or...

2 hrs, 9 mins ago
Feed I have upcoming reservation to this and Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi . The latter is mentioned directly in articles today. Has Marriott...

2 hrs, 10 mins ago

It seems like the Alaska lounge in T6 is closer but KAL lounge in the international terminal may be better quality. I am concerned because some blogs say that the Alaska lounge doesn't allow guests which makes KAL the only option because I do have...

2 hrs, 16 mins ago

Hi Guys. I've booked the BMW 740 for a week in LAX October 23rd for around 800, which I think is a good price. I've seen the Camaro SS Conv. around 700 at the same time, which I also find good. Have you any idea what my chances are in...

2 hrs, 27 mins ago

Has anyone else noticed a jump in National rates this year? I usually rent through AutoSlash and National's rates are usually in the neighborhood of Hertz's and Avis's rates. But since January, National is usually at the bottom of the list,...

2 hrs, 41 mins ago