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AP Exclusive: States are buying 'new' election systems that will soon be running outdated software that makes it more vulnerable to hacking

4 months, 1 week ago

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The deal will allow civilian and military air traffic controllers to continue to work side by side at the Swanwick Control Centre in Hampshire, ensuring safe and efficient collaboration and coordination within UK airspace.

1 hr, 6 mins ago

Buddhist-majority Myanmar is accused of genocide against Rohingya in a 2017 crackdown by the country's military.

1 hr, 19 mins ago

Apple has canceled the premiere of one of the tech company’s first original films, ‘The Banker’ the day before it was to debut at Los Angeles’ AFI Film Festival

1 hr, 44 mins ago

If you’re looking for what to do in Ecuador, look no further. This petit country, has it all: mountains, rivers, diverse wildlife, the Amazon jungle, the Andes Mountains, the Galapagos Islands and a stunning untouched coastline. The best part? It’s all at a fingertips’ distance. From the heights…

1 hr, 45 mins ago

The bills now go to the White House for Trump to sign or veto amid delicate trade talks with Beijing.

1 hr, 48 mins ago

Former Vice President Al Gore is kicking off a series of climate presentations around the globe over the next 24 hours

2 hrs ago

Payments platform PayPal says it is buying Honey Science Corp., a shopping and rewards company, for $4 billion

2 hrs, 12 mins ago

Federal wildlife officials say the continued existence of two species of insects is in doubt because the glaciers and year-round snowfields they depend on are melting away

2 hrs, 26 mins ago

Social media companies have vowed to tackle misinformation in politics

2 hrs, 30 mins ago

Naval’s Podcast Here is an excellent podcast from Naval. It’s a bit business-oriented, but there is also great life advice in here too. One cool thing about the podcasts is that each one is only about 2 minutes long. That Naval gets to the point! Daily Photo – Victoria Falls from Above…

2 hrs, 36 mins ago