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I can't find the email confirmation of a ticket I purchased recently on I fear that I may have mistyped my email address. I was even doubting I completed the reservation, but I see that it has been charged to my credit card and that the...

1 week, 2 days ago

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I work for a company of about 500 globally, 150 in North America. We have a start-up travel portal/booking management system which, frankly, does not meet our needs and shall remain nameless. I am in no way a decision-maker, but a heavy (and...

1 hr, 27 mins ago

Any success stories? I am thinking of buying a few limited edition LV bags that I aren't able to order from the stores.

1 hr, 50 mins ago

Does anyone know how long it takes to have the weekend certificate deposited into the account? I googled and found 8 weeks to be the answer for most people, but I signed up my card in early May and have yet received the certificate. I would really...

1 hr, 54 mins ago

Is anyone else having problems trying to buy the 2 for 1 miles at It seems to be down since the weekend, not loading after signing in. I've tried Chrome, the Android App and Safari. Just wanted to double check...

1 hr, 59 mins ago

For the last 24 hours I've tried on 3 separate computers to flexible date a specific itinerary and each time I've got this: Oh no! We're sorry, there was a problem processing your request. Please go back and try the entry again. If you continue...

2 hrs ago

Just spoke to CS rep on AS MVP line and asked why I had not received our MVP Plastic Cards this year. She said as of this year, they are no longer sending out cards to members. "If you want a card, print on off your account and laminate it"....

2 hrs, 1 min ago

Hoping the experts can help me figure this out. I booked a flight on Air Canada through United (YUL-EWR) so I would get MileagePlus points. Weather is awful and 5 flights to the northeast have been canceled (AC and AA) while I have been sitting at...

2 hrs, 2 mins ago

I am flying AC direct flight from Toronto, to Montreal to Geneva. From what I can tell the plane arrives at a domestic gate (today 11) and is then moved (today gate 51) For departure to Geneva it appears to use gate 51 which looks to be both...

2 hrs, 4 mins ago

I have an older family member who has no Delta status or Amex Card that has a long layover at 5pm-7:30om July 25th at MSP. Does Delta offer a American Airlines Five star type of service I could pay for where they are escorted to and from flights...

2 hrs, 23 mins ago

I picked up a car in Newark on Sunday and noticed pretty quickly that EZPass lanes were not reading the transponder when it was exposed. A message with 'Call Service Center' was being displayed on the EZPass monitor rather than 'Paid' or whatever...

2 hrs, 25 mins ago