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We recently travelled Air France in J CDG-SXM return. Having read a number of adverse comments on this forum about ?old planes? it was not without some trepidation. In fact, we enjoyed every minute. Great (and plentiful) food, attentive service...

6 days, 17 hrs ago

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For the past several months, I have had difficulty getting IFE videos to play on my Windows 10 laptop with any consistency. On some flights, everything works great. On most flights, all I get is a blank screen once the commercial finishes playing. I...

17 hrs, 14 mins ago

Hi there and apologies in advance if posted to the wrong forum. I'm planning on travelling from London to Bangkok. It will not be a direct flight for various reasons (which are not relevant to this discussion). Depending on the airline, the...

17 hrs, 19 mins ago

With the latest changes to sky club access, can you still get in the lounge with amex platinum card after a delta flight?

17 hrs, 21 mins ago

I will be flying out of BCN BA479 arriving in LHR at 1:05 p.m. terminal 3. I depart AA 737 at 2:30 p.m. terminal 3. I have not gone through LHR before. Will I need to clear customs in BCN? Go through security? I am totally unclear about whether I...

17 hrs, 39 mins ago

I was pricing up return flights and added all my extras, seats etc. I didn?t book at the time but came back a few minutes later. The seats I had selected for both flights are now gone!! Is this because I had previously selected them and they are...

17 hrs, 45 mins ago

Has Marriott stopped sending post-stay surveys? I?ve not had one for many, many stays. I can see from the individual hotel pages on the app that reviews are being published, albeit at a very low volume, meaning that surveys must be being send to...

17 hrs, 50 mins ago

I was searching for NYC hotels and it seems that the former Le Parker Meridien is now a Hyatt hotel but you cannot redeem points for it. Seems really strange. Anyone have more info on this?

17 hrs, 54 mins ago

Hello, new here. Any definite date on when peak/off peak rates are coming? Thanks.

17 hrs, 59 mins ago

Just saw this news come across. I know planes are made to handle lightning, but it's always been one of my biggest (illogical) fears when flying. This plane was an old MD90 from MKE to ATL. Was anyone here on that flight? Or ever been on a plane...

18 hrs, 8 mins ago

hi folks. Looking at a 6+ hour delay on JL11 booked through AA. Delay is causing us to miss connection to ITM and still trying to determine rebooking for tomorrow and accommodation tonight. is there compensation due on award ticket? Do I...

18 hrs, 11 mins ago