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I have a business SPG and my husband has one. I forgot to cancel his and now it's 33 days post AF and they won't credit it. I still have 4 days to cancel mine, and they didn't give me a retention offer. (Spent $32k last year, $8k so far this year,...

3 months ago

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My mother and I have a household account, but my mom does not fly anymore and would like to give me her avios. Is there any way we can dissolve the household account but I retain all of the avios? I know there used to be a workaround with,...

7 hrs, 4 mins ago

*I am constrained to report a case of a missing passenger who happens to be my brother, mr ojong bryan etah( flight ticket number: 2352356056128. Who was last seen on wednesday the 15th of August 2018, about boarding a turkish airline flight from...

7 hrs, 9 mins ago

Looking at ANA?s inflight business menu. It shows katsu curry. Do they really have this on all transpacific flights? If so that?s super cool.

7 hrs, 21 mins ago

Until a few days ago, flights were loaded to Zanzibar through end of schedule. Now it appears all flights have been pulled after March 30. Any word if they are cancelling this route entirely? Or making it a winter seasonal only?

7 hrs, 24 mins ago

Hey guys, this was a new one for me. Got a ride from the airport to home last night. I hop out of the car and the driver takes off. I don't get the "rate your ride" notification on the phone immediately, but it shows up a couple of minutes...

7 hrs, 33 mins ago

Tomorrow Saturday 8/18, I'm on a Saver Award, 12.5K miles, from EWR-RDU-SFO tomorrow afternoon at 310pm. There's a non-stop 777 at 305pm non stop EWR-SFO. Would it be possible to stand by for that flight given that my original flight is...

7 hrs, 36 mins ago

I have a work flight coming up from Vancouver to Sydney and have been booked in premium economy. My assigned seat is 14H. According to seatguru this "may" have limited recline due to the bulkhead wall directly behind. Does anyone with knowledge...

7 hrs, 45 mins ago

I asked this question a long time ago on the SQ forum and didn't receive a single answer, so I will try over here. Has anyone booked an intra-Asia coach award on SQ and received an offer to buy-up (in cash) to Premium Economy or Business during...

7 hrs, 54 mins ago

I'll be in Vietnam in January and plan to have a few tailored items made. I doubt they'll fit in my luggage and am debating whether to mail them back to the states, or to my final destination; Bangkok. I'm pretty sure my Bangkok guest house would...

7 hrs, 55 mins ago

Hello, I recently received AC 35K elite status through the Fast Track to Altitude Elite 35K - Air Canada promotion - valid through Feb 28 2019. I will however be reaching 25K through the traditional means (25 segments, and $3000 AQD). Do you...

8 hrs, 6 mins ago