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Bought some gasoline at Esso with my C.C. and Aeroplan card. Usually posts within 3 days, Now it's a month. I didn't keep my slip but I have the C.C. charge on my statement. Want to keep my Aeroplan miles in good stead.. Nearing one year of no...

6 days, 18 hrs ago

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I wonder if anyone can help me or had a similar experience? I have a flight coming up SYD-BKK-HKG and return. This was originally all ticketed in F and then TG downgraded the HKG sectors. My flight from SYD lands in BKK at TG 472 at 22;20 and I...

17 hrs, 21 mins ago

Something weird is going on with BA 368 on June 20, 2018, and I'd love to understand what/why (because I'd love to get a seat on that flight). If you search seat availability from LHR to MRS on any normal day, BA will show 3 daily flights: BA...

17 hrs, 26 mins ago

guys - is chase quite strict on the 5/24 rule or are some cards excluded? Thinking of getting the ink business cash but I've had 7 cards last 24 months Thx

17 hrs, 30 mins ago

Introduction Since there are no reviews yet here on the Luxury Forum, and since we stay most often in luxury hotels, I thought it prudent to offer this Expert Review here. Moderators are welcome to eventually move this review to the Tokyo Luxury...

17 hrs, 49 mins ago

Anyone have a recommendation for a pre-conference trip? I'm arriving at lunch time on a Sunday before a conference that starts first thing on Wednesday. Lyon? Turin? Lausanne? I've been to Geneva before, as well as Zurich, Basel, and the...

18 hrs, 13 mins ago

What is the largest laptop "flight bag" that you'd recommend which can fit nicely in either the Mystery Ranch 3DAP (alongside some packing cubes in whatever space remains) or horizontally in the GR3? I am heavily leaning towards the Tom Bihn...

18 hrs, 20 mins ago

I'm trying to access the page where I can track my promotion progress and see what I'm registered for but the page on the old site gives an error and I can't find anything about promos of any type on the new site. Are Marriott promos gone with the...

18 hrs, 32 mins ago

Hi, We fly from Tamale landing at Accra around 3pm on Friday. We then have several hours to see the city before the BA flight to London that night. In order of preference, do you know if we can do any of the following? 1) interline our bags...

18 hrs, 39 mins ago

So I guess I have some confusion over the SkyPriorty bag drop for Silver Medallion. Now I can do free bags I always check if I have my overnighter bag, it was only at an outstation they had the SkyPriority banner showing Silver Medallion...

18 hrs, 41 mins ago

Hey guys. I'm 99% sure this isn't possible, but if 2 people have separate bookings yet are flying on the same flight, can their bookings be linked so that they can put in one-up bids together? Me and my partner had to fly back at different times,...

19 hrs, 5 mins ago