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Sailing on Norwegian Escape May 27 to Bermuda

5 months, 1 week ago

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Hi, This will only be relevant to anyone in the UK, as it seems the terms have always been different in the US. According to a set of T&Cs I have with my Amex card, it is possible to transfer my membership points to someone else's account if I...

22 hrs, 43 mins ago

I've been a little confused about National's additional drivers policy. I'm executive elite if it matters, and when I made the reservation it noted "9 Additional Drivers Included", but elsewhere on National's site I've found references to...

22 hrs, 47 mins ago

Quick surprise birthday trip for 10 year old for 4 days to Paris at the end of December. Staying in the 6th. Any recommendations? Also specificaly wondering about the ability to use Apple Pay. Really prefer it to having to use chip and...

22 hrs, 54 mins ago

Just tried to book a car from Avis at LHR in July 2019. Priced included CDW which you could not decline. Queried with Avis and they said it was obligatory at LHR. Did not have to pay it this year when I rented there. My credit card covers insurance...

23 hrs, 3 mins ago

I'd like some feedback on if there is any way to file complaints with government agencies or any other authorities against Kenya Airways for some appalling customer service I've received. I think it's probably a lost cause at this point, but with KQ...

23 hrs, 18 mins ago

When I finish my known flights this year (end of November) I will be at 92K+ PQMs. I have the spend ($12K) no problem, but next year I will need to spend $15K to make 1K so this may be my last shot at 1K _Question:_ is it a better value this year...

23 hrs, 35 mins ago

I haven't been able to reach my Hilton Honors account for several days now using Mozille Firefox. When I try to login I get an "Access Denied" splash page. When I called Honors customer support they said that Firefox wasn't working well with their...

23 hrs, 36 mins ago

Can anyone recommend (from their own personal experience) a good 24/7 coffee shop in downtown Montreal? Preferably in or near the Plateau. (prefer to have this question posted here than in the Destinations forum)

23 hrs, 46 mins ago

hi, hopefully someone here can help me with a SQ issue. i'm trying to book an AUS-KUL flight next year and keep getting "There are no flights available for the criteria you selected. " if i search IAH-KUL, there is plenty of SQ availability and...

23 hrs, 47 mins ago

Hi All - I posted this last week on the issues stickied thread, but haven't heard anything so reposting here. I'm not sure if these are issues that only I am facing, but it looks like I'm unable to use Flying Blue miles to book on several partner...

23 hrs, 49 mins ago